Monday, June 5, 2017

CAA Sri Lanka DG betrays country for service extension!

 The Civil Aviation Authority is the body that regulates civil aviation activities in Sri Lanka.
From 27 December 2002 to date, respective governments changed its chairmen, but the only person who remains in his job all this while is its Director General H.M. Chandrasena Nimalsiri. For 15 years, he is running an authoritarian rule to establish his power. Those who are close and near him get all the privileges, while a majority of employees of the institution remain trampled by his iron shoes. To say the least, the Authority does not have a second string. The DG thinks of flying in the air until the day he dies.

The ages of officials in its hierarchy are as follows:

· Director General – 59 Years
· Additional Director General – 59 Years
· Three Deputy Director Generals – 60 years,

58 years, 57 yr Taking a look at this group nearing 60 years of age, it is not difficult to understand the mentality of the DG, who is surrounded by his friends of his own age, while taking the institution’s future to ruin. His hunger for power prevents anyone to be nurtured as a future head of the institution. Anyone posing a threat to him had no future in the institution. If someone becomes prominent that person will face all the accusations and threats. Those who could not stand it left the country, while others said goodbye to the institution.

Therefore, the transport and civil aviation minister at a recent meeting named a next DG and ordered that a report be submitted to him regarding the training that official would need.
Betraying Sri Lanka for his service extension

Nimalsiri is now scheming to prevent his exit once he completes 60 years of age in about a year’s time. For that, he would willingly betray his own parents.

Anyhow, an international civil aviation audit has been obtained for 2017. Now, he is wagering that audit to suit his devious activities. He is asking for a service extension by saying that he is indispensable to the institution. Employees ask as to whether the institution would have to be closed down after he left.

In 2010 an aviation safety audit took place in Sri Lanka. If needed, more time can be sought for another audit. How can he seek more time if he is almost 60 years of age? Therefore, he has asked for trouble when he sought an audit for 2017. Who could say that he would not act to fail in it, by claiming himself to be the only mature person in the Authority in order to continue his authoritarian rule for some more time?

He has betrayed the country in order to remain in the Authority. A real leader should have used the results of the previous audit to cultivate a new leader. But, his hunger for power has surpassed everything else. The DG who is talkative about development in the world is having his talk boomerang on him. If not for the web media, this autocrat would have repressed its employees.
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